Warehouse Management System of ZALORA

Company Profile

ZALORA Indonesia was the largest online fashion shopping centre in Indonesia that can answer the needs of men’s fashion, women’s fashion, and child fashion by offering brands leading, both locally and internationally. ZALORA provides products that always follow the latest fashion trend that gives many options to improve customer’s appearance.

ZALORA have many various models of shoes, clothes, bags, accessories, and products for beauty & amp; grooming for both men and women can easily integrate customer to find that perfection. ZALORA also gives customer the ease of shopping with simple navigation and menu structure. Due to, 48% of Indonesian people still not using internet.

ZALORA business is under Rocket Internet from German. They legally established on February 24th, 2011. The co-founder is Hadi Weyne, the Vice President is Hadi Kuncoro. Their customer services located in Bidakara, 6th floor. With their braveness to do something new and different, the sales has been increase from 800 order per day become 2500 order per day on December 12, 2012.

The operation Idea from ZALORA is they not take care in bottom line and efficiency but they take care of growth and innovation. The key success’ factor of ZALORA are Good Teamwork, Totalities in terms of working, brave to try something new and proper requirement in the beginning.

Warehouse Management System of ZALORA

ZALORA is not logistic company like DHL, but ZALORA is fashion business through e-commerce. Thus, the big player in here is warehouse people and marketing people. They can reduce the inventory cost because they use JIT system. ZALORA’s SKUs are 25,000, they provide 500 brands with value added, free shipping, Cash On Delivery and Return in seven days.

The object of ZALORA’s warehouse is fast, excellent execution and technology. The support facilities of are:

  • Merchandise management : they use cross docking (sourcing flexible)
  • Order management : IT system flexible
  • Finance management: Banks Support
  • Inventory and warehouse management: JIT.

There are steps warehousing in ZALORA:

  1. Inbound Process
    1. Receiving , ZALORA take the product from the suppliers
    2. Checking, ZALORA check the number and kind of product whether suitable from order or not.
    3. Quality Control, ZALORA do a quality control by checking the detailed of product. If there is an error, ZALORA’s employees will take a picture of that error product.
    4. Packing, here ZALORA packed the product and give barcode. The barcode is using unique system in order to make outbound process easier.
    5. Put away, after the products passed those processes, we put the product in the place where the barcode shows.

    2.      Outbound Process

                 a.      Order receiving,

                  b.      Customer service, due to ZALORA is an e-commerce; the order must be    confirmed by its customer service. After the order get validation, they provide invoice or order confirmation to make sure the order is true. Then ZALORA employees will check whether the order is warehouse item or cross docking item.

c.       Picking, then employees pick the product that ordered. After that, the product become scan sold status.

d.      Packing

              e.       Shipment. ZALORA use many third party logistic company to send the order to customer, such as; GNE, Gojek, and First Logistic.


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